WCW Saturday Night Interactive! : 04.05.1996

Marcus Bagwell vs The Giant

With a shortened WCW Saturday Night this week, the options were very much few and far between. The choice of the people ended up being a match between Marcus Bagwell and The Giant – a match that was never originally meant to happen. You see, the initial main event of the evening was due to see Lex Luger face off against the new WCW World Champion, The Giant, in a world title match (The Giant having beaten Flair on Nitro). As the show begins, Dusty and Schiavone are joined by Bagwell, who is there as the proverbial cheerleader, telling the fans that he believes in Luger, even though Luger is going through one of his ‘suspicious face’ runs.

As the main event is due to begin, a visibly concerned Bagwell hits the ring and explains that he hasn’t seen Luger yet. It is hilarious in some ways watching Bagwell play the sympathetic face, as he just has a look that screams heel. Apparently, Luger was a ‘charity golf event’, so that might explain why he is not there. The lack of Luger doesn’t stop The Giant heading down to the ring and demanding a match with Bagwell.

On the recommendation of someone, I’ve started to dig into WCW 1992, and the first show from WCW 1992 saw Bagwell being offered a shot at Steve Austin’s TV Title, turning it down, and getting his ass handed to him by The Dangerous Alliance. Fast forward four years, and little has changed about his character. He still seems very ‘aw shucks’ in his delivery, still the young man who will get there, by gosh. He tries to turn down The Giant several times, before a crack at his courage is enough for Bagwell to take off his waistcoat and meet The Giant one on one.

Considering this is only the third match on the card, and lasts a little over a minute, this card seems devoid of actual wrestling. Bagwell begins by rocking The Giant with several punches, before both men hit the ropes. Bagwell ducks a couple of clotheslines, and launches himself at the big man with a crossbody block. Like a watermelon hitting a wall, Bagwell splats to the ground; The Giant unmoved. Two chokeslams later, and that is the match.

Bagwell is in danger of getting more abuse from the world champion, only for Lex Luger to finally make his appearance, still wearing his golf clothing as Dusty is so helpful to point out. The Giant heads out of the ring, leaving Luger to ponder what might have been over a fallen Bagwell.

Elsewhere on the broadcast – Benoit defeated The Barbarian, The Steiners defeated The State Patrol, and Alex Wright defeated Billy Kidman. Also, I caught a glimpse of the ‘Blood Runs Cold’ promo video, so I only probably have to wait a year for the debut of Glacier.


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